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This was the first “Underlook” project, that took place at an International Cat show in Vilnius in 2015. “Bored Panda” noticed our photos and people kept sharing them all over the world as a new way of looking at beloved pets – from underneath. Even mass media was enjoying the view and sharing thoughts about our project. Furthermore, we have signed the contract with a book Publisher called “Riva” in Germany. You can find our team work with them named "Unter-Katzen" (eng. Under-Cats). 


The unexpected success of the "Under-Cats" project inspired us with new ideas for the future projects. Hence, after this photoshoot we created a brand called “Underlook”.

Behind The Scenes Video





After successful results of "Under-Cats" project, there was no doubt that satisfying pictures of dogs will go viral as well. The first dog photoshoot took place in Vilnius at a photo studio in 2016. 

Unlike our previous project, we did not share any pictures for over a year of dogs due to a signed contract with a German book Publisher, which has already successfully published a book with a cat project. The second book is called "Unter-Hunden" (eng. Under-Dogs).

Behind The Scenes Video