Cats in Colour Photoshoot of CATS
Photoshoot of HORSES (unpublished)
Second Photoshoot / Horses

To make "Under-Horse" project complete, we needed more photos. That is why we had to make a second horse photoshoot which results you can see below.

First Photoshoot / Bikes

"Under-Bikes" is a first non-animal photo project from underneath.


Our temporary photo studio was based at the Church Mansion, a former monastery now serving as a vibrant student house. For this project we’ve had all the help from the students who live at this student house and came to study to Netherlands from foreign countries. And of course the bike shop owner too. He has organised everything for these shooting days and had invited the owners of the most interesting bicycles found in Groningen. For this photoshoot many of them were enormous cruisers, we even had a cruiser made from wood or the one that was made from iron chains. For us it was such an incredible experience which will be remembered for a long time and we hope that these pictures will bring some of that vibe to you too.

Open Photoshoot / Switzerland

 Big thanks to Ines Hohenbrink (doggstar.ch), the owner of the photo studio, who has invited us to photograph local pets in Brunnen.

Here are the pictures that were selected by the owners.