First Ever Photoshoot / Cats

Under-Cats project was the first project of all. First photoshoot took place at an International Cat show in Vilnius, 2015. Pictures were shared on Bored Panda as a new way of looking at pets - from underneath. It immediately went viral. Under-Cats project was widely shared on the internet, magazines wrote articles about the project, even a book publisher in Germany offered to publish a photo book called "Unter-Katzen" (eng. Under-Cats). To get one for yourself, click here.

First Photoshoot / Dogs

"Under-Dogs" project was born naturally. After seeing that "Under-Cats" results were amazingly interesting there was no doubt that dogs will look interesting too. First dog photoshoot took place in Vilnius at a photo studio in 2016. Photos were not shared on the internet for a year due to a second book being published - "Unter-Hunden" ( eng. Under-Dogs ). Some of the pictures from this photoshoot can be found here, the rest is in the book that is being sold in Germany or online. Get one for yourself here.

Cat Photoshoot / Druskininkai

Here is how the best pictures from the second cat photoshoot looks like.

Second Photoshoot / Dogs

Second dog photoshoot was at an International Dog Show in Šiauliai. Here you will find the best pictures from that photoshoot.