October 25, 2017

Hi there! For some time we thought that there should be a blog concerning our projects so we could share with you all the little things that we did, do or will do. There is so much interesting information we would like to share, but we don't want to spam our facebook page with it. And that is why we've made this blog space for sharing all our small secrets and fun moments we had while making the "Underlook" projects.




  "Underlook" makes a photo art by using a glass plate. For now we have made 5 different projects: Under-Cats, Under-Dogs, Under-Rabbit, Under-Horse and Under-Bikes where we photograph animals or things from underneath in a black background. Well, almost always in a black background. We also made a series in a colourful background with rabbits and cats. It is like a pop art series of "Underlook".


  Our biggest project so far was made in 2016 called Under-Horse where we have for the first time in the world captured a standing horse from underneath. In the future we hope to make even more big projects like Under-Big-Cats (tigers from underneath) and maybe even elephants from underneath! But besides that we have many creative ideas including not only animals but people too.




  We get asked that a lot during our interviews and we have already learned an answer we always tell to the media. But here I will try to tell a little bit more than what we usually do.


  So the main person of Underlook, of course is a photographer Andrius Burba, who has all these crazy ideas and looooves cats.

  *photo from an International Cat Show in Kaunas, Lithuania 2016


  That is why it all started with the cats from underneath. It was quite a funny story of how it all started but we will get back on that later.


  Andrius was into a photography since he was 14 years old. He loved doing all sorts of photos but he found that fashion and advertising was the most interesting for him. That is why he worked as an assistant for a fashion and advertising photographer to learn all about the lightning and photography tricks. Even though he doesn't do THAT photography now (as you might have noticed) he uses his knowledge into making quality pictures of animals from underneath. 


  Quality is like Andrius's middle name. It has to be everywhere starting from the gadgets he uses to the work he does. Not only his work but the people we work with on projects should be interested into making the best they can and even a bit more. That is why every project making takes a lot of time till it's complete but with each photoshoot we get more experience and manage to finish some things quicker than before. But not only photoshoots. We do put a lot of our time in the products we later sell too. f.ex. the prints that are sold in our shop are printed on a high quality paper which lets the black colour to be really black and it almost creates a 3D look. You can check them out here: www.getunderlook.com. Sometimes we even think that Andrius puts way too much effort into getting the best quality out of everything because simple people like me would never tell the difference anyway. 


  Even though Andrius is the main star of Underlook and seems like a pretty tough guy, he could not do it all by himself. That is where Ieva and Lucas come in.



  *photos from an International Cat Show in Kaunas, Lithuania 2016 and 1st horse photoshoot preparation day.



  These are the little (big) helpers of Andrius.


  Ieva (not Leva) has been there from the very beginning. She has been to all of the photoshoots, helped to release every project into the world and basically is helping on everything from generating ideas, to making some layouts, to being as an assistant at a photoshoot, to writing some texts, to creating our websites and the list goes on. Since Andrius and Ieva are the only ones who work full-time at the "Underlook" they both make pretty much everything themselves. In some cases of course we get help from other people but the whole brand is built by these two. 


  Well, almost. We also have Lucas. We like to call him as our manager. He is most of all dealing with foreign companies to assure that any deal proposal Underlook gets is fair. Because of his help we work with several companies that helps us to spread word about Underlook in the foreign media, we have two books published in Germany and way more. But besides that he also helps us on a big project making like the Under-Horse. Twice. 


In the end, I would like to add one more time, that to make any project come to life it takes a lot more people than 3 of us and we are happy that it is still an ongoing list of people that we could thank for.

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October 25, 2017

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