So far the biggest project is "Under-Horse". It required a way bigger glass, new solutions, horse friendly environment, beautiful brave horses, their helpful owners, lots of heavy equipment and an amazing crew to make this project come to life. It was a great challenge but results were worth every second of any struggle.


Take a deep breath and scroll for the first rowing boat class 8+ (18 meters long) photographed from underneath. It is the first time when we are presenting only one photo. But this boat and this photo has a story.

This boat is now 37 years old. It belonged to a well known women rowing team "Dinamo". In 1994 when LIKF settled in Lithuania they bought this boat from "Dinamo". In the last ten years teams that participated in LIKF competitions has won many races and now it is considered to be a talisman.

The preparation for this photoshoot was very important part. It was fixed and painted which is good for the upcoming competitions and for the outside beauty too.


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