Frequently asked questions

Can I order a product with a different photo from "Underlook" gallery?

Yes! You can order any product with any photo that you can find on our page or social media like instagram. To do so, just order any product as you normaly would with any photo that we offer. When reviewing the cart, below you will be able to leave a note . You can write there something like: "Want a different photo". When the product will be ordered we will contact you about the photo by an email as soon as possible :).

Is it possible to get a bigger print or canvas than offered?

Yes! Please contact us about the size of your chosen photo that you would like to have and we will make you an offer:)

Can I order products with my pets photo?

Yes an no. If the photo you are reffering to was made by "Underlook", then yes, you can order any of the products here: If you do not have a photo made by "Underlook" but would like to have, you can pre-register for a photoshoot here:

Can I purchase a digital "Underlook" photo?

If you have any special requests, please contact us with detailed information here.