"Underlook" started with a viral project called “Under-Cats” where a Lithuanian photographer took pictures of cats from underneath. Project was made out of pure interest to see how the cats will look like photographed from this angle. Fortunately it looked very interesting and the possibility to see animals from a different point of view kept the project going further. In the beginning there were 50 cat pictures. “Under-Cats” pictures were published by a German book publisher "Riva". This explains why the book is called "Unter-Katzen"(eng. “Under-Cats”). There was a second book after that too, only this time with the dogs, called "Unter-Hunden" (eng. “Under-Dogs”).


   But it didn’t stop just with that. 


  For now the biggest project that was made by “Underlook" is - "Under-Horse". In this project we tried to capture the beauty and sometimes the silliness of the amazing horses from underneath. This photoshoot gave us an inspiration to photograph other big animals that have never been photographed like this before. That is why in the future we are aiming to make a photoshoot with even more exotic animals like tigers. 

   But not only animals or pets have been photographed from underneath. "Under-Bikes" project was released. The photoshoot took place in Groningen, Netherlands. That is why we have managed to get so many interesting bikes in one place. (special thanks to our dear friend Henrikas).

   Our most recently released project is called "Under-Cats Colour" which has a colourful twist. Initially we always use a black background for our photos for many reasons. Retouching process is way easier, when looking at the photo in the black background your full attention is at the object and so on. But we did want to try out colours for more interesting results and that is why you can see our photos in colours too.

   Since 2017 we have started to make personal pet photoshoots for people who would love to have their pets photographed in an “Underlook" style. If you wish us to come to you, you can fill out the form so that we could contact you when the photoshoot is in town:)


   Moreover we have an internet shop too (www.getunderlook.com), where you might find something interesting for you or your friends. We hope to build our brand on something that lasts, is a good quality and most important of all, puts a smile on your face:) 


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With love <3,

Underlook team.

Andrius Burba
Photographer, Founder, Team Manager,  Quality assurance, The heart of "Underlook".
Ieva Midverytė
Helps organise events. Handles order inquires.
Erika Skorbutė
Helps organise events. Responsible for order fulfillments.
Gustas Čiuoderis
Photographer's assistant
Lucas Bruggemann
Works with International "Underlook" clients.
Benno Lindel
"Underlook" ambassador in Germany

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